Killer Is Near: Minor update for clarification

For the first time since it's release in 2019, I have released a very minor update to KILLER IS NEAR.   The only file which has been changed is KillerIsNear-Digital-Edition.pdf.  The other files have not been modified.


The ruleset has been slightly modified to correct a typo on  page 4 (changed "playersheet" to "playsheet"), and to clarify the rules for hiding on page 5.

Previously the rules for "hiding" under section 1 (Decision Phase) simply stated that you could hide if you felt that the killer may appear on the next roll. This update clarifies this to mean that   "your distance from the killer is 6 or less."

Creator Notes

When I first published the game, I didn't think it was necessary to clarify the best time to hide. In fact,  I thought it might add an element of strategy to leave it ambiguous. However, since then, I've deemed it better to be clear.

Even though no players have every complained or questioned the original wording, this section of the game has always bothered me ("Should I add it in, or not?")   So I decided to add it in finally - especially as now seemed like a good time, as I've been working on a new game that will probably be either a sequel or expansion to this one.

- Jason Payne

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The requirements is missing 1d4


Ignore me. It totally does say it requires a 1d4.